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Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Your New Year's Resolutions, Complete a 360 Review, & Change Your Life - A Step By Step Guide.


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Ozempic & Wegovy Side Effects. Miracle Weight Loss Drugs, but be Very Careful.

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1 Hour Until SpaceX Lifts Off!!! Why does this matter? Why do I care so much?

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Rim to River 100 Miler in West Virginia & Citizen Of The Year Award

Video: Is Driving A Tesla Cheaper Than a Gas Car?

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How Did Reintroducing Alcohol Affect My Happiness? - Looking back on age 42.

You Have The Right To Have No Opinion.

I failed at 75 Hard & I Veered Off the Path to Good Health.

Excited to Serve: My Appointment as Trustee of the Haslett Board of Education

What I learned about Politics, about Myself, and about Respect - by living a "Year Of The Opposite"

Introduction to The Year Of The Opposite. What is The Year Of The Opposite? What have I achieved in my Year Of The Opposite?

Rejection & Failure - My New Startup MyVilla is on life support

I Am A Runner: I Ran 1,000 Miles in 1 year!

They grow up too fast

The Edward Lowe Foundation - Michigan's Best Kept Secret

Book 1 - Debts and Lessons: Travis Stoliker

Podcast Interview with Michelle Rogers - Surviving the Unthinkable: Michelle Rogers on Matthew Terry's Brutality and the Deadly Consequences of His Early Release

Podcast: Travis Stoliker Interview about The Year Of The Opposite on The Cold Oatmeal Podcast

I Completed the Hot Ones Challenge!

Clearing Up The Rumors: The Real Story of How Matthew Hill from Liquid Web Died

Addressing The Root Causes of My Health Concerns

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The Grass Is Greener Where I Water It

The Science Behind Why Retelling a Memory Literally Rewrites Your Memory Of The Event

How I Cured My Depression

Hurray! No More Poop Showers

Active Optimism vs. Passive Optimism: The Driving Force of Progress and Freedom

In 13 Months I cut My Risk of Dying In Half

Fear, Anxiety, & Imposter Syndrome from Starting a New Company

Unlock the Power of Nightly Journaling

Turning Off The News & Politics

Uplift Weekly: Explosive 4/20 SpaceX Starship Launch: Testing Success, Heralding Interplanetary Human Future Despite Media's Misguided Narrative

How Loss & Grief Turned Into The Year Of The Opposite

How I Lost 62 lbs & built a habit of working out everyday.

How to Start A Year Of The Opposite. #YearOfTheOpposite

Audio Podcast - The Claude McCollum Wrongful Conviction with Judge Hugh Clarke Jr.

Video Interview - The Claude McCollum Wrongful Conviction with Judge Hugh Clarke Jr.

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How The Year Of The Opposite Started.

How The Year Of The Opposite Started.

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The Results from 1 Year of Living a "Year Of The Opposite"

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