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Thank you for putting this together. I was in no condition to do it last time (due to how sick I have been), but this time I am in!

As for the money if I do win I will choose a place for you to donate to for the holidays, and the wife and I will match it if I complete this 🥰

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That is a deal! So glad to have you doing this! I am going to check in with you everyday and send some words of encouragement. Lets do this!

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I’m not at home right now. Could you send me the challenge again?

I’ll look it over and consider trying it, but would want the 500 dollars to go to a local charity.

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That works for me. The challenge is actually written above. It’s kind of what this whole post is about. I was just trying to help people who are depressed feel a little happier.

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How about the time period when the only school safety drills we had were for tornados, fires, and perhaps, the Russian’s nuclear bomb.

Maybe the time period when I could send my first grader off to school and not fear that an angry male with easy access to an assault rifle would shoot his way into the classroom and blow the jaw off of his face, and the politicians would do nothing in the aftermath but offer thoughts and prayers.

Did you take the time to watch the sentencing hearing for the Oxford school shooter? Being a member of a local school board, I certainly hope you did. Imagine for just a second how you would feel if the shooting had happened in Haslett instead of Oxford.

What would you say to those devastated families? Would you continue to insist to them how great an era we live in? An era when being shot to death or maimed by a fellow citizen is so frequent that the daily shootings barely make or stay in the headlines. Or if it had been your child instead of someone else.

What good does it do to for us to go to space in an awesome reusable rocket when we can’t go to a bowling alley, a mall, a theatre, a bar, or to school without noting where the closest exit is, or what item in your classroom (such as the star on top of the classroom tree) could be used for self-defense?

I golf with two instructors who work at MSU. One lost a student in the February shooting. Another teaches in the classroom next to the room where the students were murdered. They, too are traumatized by the violence that occurred in our community. My sister who was house sitting for us while we were out of town had to shelter in place. Our child called her to make sure she was aware of the threat and was okay.

I didn’t grow up in a world like that, and neither did you. Yeah, we had the Everett High school shooting in 78, one of the very first school shootings. But we didn’t have daily gun violence in Lansing.

Just for the record, my spouse is as infatuated with Musk’s rocket as you are. So I get your excitement over the man’s inventions. I’ve seen them blast off from afar while in Florida and it’s cool to look at.

But another rocket blasting into space isn’t going to stop what’s seriously wrong here on earth.

Yeah, I miss when we were civil to our fellow citizens no matter their religious or political beliefs.

Thanks for asking.


A fellow citizen (and bbq lover)

Oops, Guess I didn’t really answer the question. I’d say The 70’s-80s after Vietnam and the world before the internet.

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LH, I just had a thought. I get the feeling that everything going on in the world is making you sad / upset. I understand. How about we try this offer that I made? It's pretty simple and we can just see if it works for you after 7 days. Maybe you'll be a little happier and if not, I'll give you $500. What's to lose? I'm happy to check in with you each day by phone, text or email. I'm even willing to have breakfast with you every day. I don't want you to have this much stress and anxiety. I don't claim I can fix everything, but I do think we can make you a little happier in 7 days following this method. How about we give it a shot?

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I appreciate you taking the time to respond. You’re obviously scared and I am sorry for that. I suppose it just depends on your concerns and I don’t think that any of my writing will convince you of anything other that the perspective that you hold. If you’d like, I’d be happy to have breakfast or lunch with you if you’re interested in talking about this further. Obviously we have a pretty vast disagreement but that’s the fun part of life! Agreement is never a requirement for my friendship or respect.

I just want to mention that we have a pretty deep disagreement on the fundamentals about the world. I don’t want you to be angered by every post I write because it seems like it is triggering to you. Our disagreement is pretty profound and fundamental.

I hope you can find some peace and happiness.

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Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I believe you believe what you believe too, and I afford you that.

Please know, I do not live in fear for my own life, but I do worry that my children and grandchildren, and possibly yours may. I wish we could do better here on earth before we spend our time, energy, and money on a venture to Mars or beyond.

As I think about your statement calling me “afraid” for being upset that our children now have to attend training sessions at school where they plan out an escape route from the next gunman, it brings to mind a very wise quote from our former governor, John Engler who once said,

“Where one stands depends on where one sits.”

I am leaving Michigan for the winter in a few days, but do wish to continue to follow your blog.

My spouse always says it is important to understand those who may disagree with you.

Perhaps we could meet for that lunch sometime in the spring.

Take care,

A loyal customer

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There’s a reason for that Travis, and it’s not the money. Are you really that tone deaf?

I read your comments a while ago about how much greater the world is today than in the past because of Elon Musk and his space ship right around the time that I read the horrific stories of the numerous women, young and old in Israel who were gang raped, passed from soldier to soldier, had their breasts cut off and tossed around like footballs, and only after all of that were brutally murdered.


Just yesterday, I watched the sentencing of the stupid kid from Oxford whose stupid and neglectful parents bought him a hand gun which he then used to execute four of his classmates, and traumatize an entire community.

This is the world we are leaving our children and grandchildren. It is NOT better. It is not better than the era when I went to school with my parents or myself not fearing if I would could home at the end of the day.

Your privilege is blinding you.


Still a customer

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Since I’m not sure when you went to school. Let’s try to be specific. Which time period would you prefer to live in?

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